Membership Benefits

There are many benefits associated with becoming an OCTM member. Members of OCTM have the opportunity to promote effective teaching of mathematics by providing teachers with resources, having access to our newsletters and journal, providing professional development opportunities through our annual conference, and opportunities for leadership both within and beyond our state. Additionally, we award travel grants to the NCTM Annual Conference and training opportunities in writing grants. Finally, joining and getting involved in OCTM allows you yo be a part of the VOICE of mathematics educators in the state and beyond.

How much does it cost to join?                                                              How do I join?

Elementary Teachers 1 Year Membership $10.00  
Full Time Math Teacher 1 Year Membership $20.00
Full Time Math Teacher 2 Year Membership 
Full Time Math Teacher 3 Year Membership $50.00
1/2 Time Math Teacher or Retired Teacher
Student Member    FREE
First Year Teacher FREE
Second Year Teacher
Third Year Teacher FREE
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